27th June 2017

Service Design – Digital Employment Service

Working Links are a Welfare to Work   provider addressing challenges faced by socially-excluded people.

Opportunity and Background

A changing market place led by a new Work and Health Programme (WHP) will have a significant impact on how the welfare to work market operates. More for less, true local integration with access to existing service provision, funding and health solutions and an expected 80% of voluntary referrals is pushing prime providers to think differently about their employability services.

In response to this operating context, a fast evolving business model and the need to further develop a competitive edge, options for a compelling digital solution for the Work and Health Programme (WHP) need to be considered whilst identifying opportunities, gaps and risk within existing systems, process and structure.


  1.     Context: the marketplace – what’s happening in a fast changing marketplace that can be addressed through a digital service design.
  2.      Working Links landscape – current service initiatives and innovation roadmap, existing investments and direction of travel.
  3.      The digital solution – solution and rationale, features and benefits, implications of organisation structure, systems and process.


Digital Road map delivered to be used with Work and Health Programme.  Implementation of recommendations have commenced.

‘If 1850 customer all complete 1 x 30 min self-service activity each month it would equate to capacity gain or cash saving of 925 hrs or £26,825 per month.’ Return on Investment.