Sparky Marky Gets Settled In!

A new string to our bow

We’re thrilled to announce that Mark Burrett moves into post joining Maxine as the second founding Director of Projects with Purpose.


Mark is a visionary strategist, driven by his passion in helping disadvantaged people to achieve their aspirations early on their lives.


“I’m not only motivated by my personal experience of being dyslexic and the impact that had on my experiences throughout my life, but especially it’s impact within education and employment. It affects your self esteem and the constant struggles with reading and producing written work can result in  building a defence mechanism often misinterpreted as a bad attitude or that you don’t care. I’m already getting stuck in ensuring our Projects with Purpose clients benefit from my experience.”



With a legacy in the design and delivery of market leading Vocational Dyslexia services and over 20 years experience in the Welfare to Work sector, breaking down barriers and designing innovative services for disadvantaged and disabled people, we are expecting great things!
Mark’s full biog can be read here

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