6th February 2019

Research – Youth Unemployment

Projects with Purpose led on a research project for Reading and West Berkshire Councils aimed at identifying reasons why their employment service aimed at disengaged NEET (Not in Employment, Education or Training) young people was failing.

To fulfil the project brief, we trialled the use of ‘Social Media Listening Technology’ (traditionally used in private sector commercial organisations) to gain insight into the conversations, online content and language their target demographic was using around the subject of employment.

Through a series of workshops, we shared the analysis and interpretations with both the target service users and the council frontline teams.

The workshops produced a collection of contextually accurate, localised and relatable insights and stories about why the services weren’t meeting the needs of their target customers and what the solutions to this could be.

This unique project was able to use indisputable and compelling evidence-based insight to successfully challenge long standing beliefs of how employment services should be run for young people. It went on to gain the consensus of the Councils Programme Board and front-line teams to pilot proposed service changes.

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“…people that keep their Promises, if someone says they are going to do something do it. Help looks like listening to us like this workshop is help, Time is an issue. Listening to young people is key. Time is an issue speed of support is key.”

Young persons quote from research workshop
Young person focus group