27th June 2017

Research – SEN Market Opportunities

Pursuing Independent Paths extends independence and choice to   people with learning disabilities.

Background and Opportunity

PIP has grown significantly recently and is in a relatively secure financial position. They continue to diversify and many of the strategic targets have been surpassed, including a large increase in student sessions.

In the context of a changing commissioning landscape and responding to students’ requirements, important issues are now arising that present both opportunities and challenges which need to be tackled.

PIP commissioned a research report with PwP to test their understanding and ensure accurate insight into a fast-changing market place which will inform their business planning for 2017- 18.

Specifically, PIP are seeking to broaden their knowledge of learning disability service and what are considered best practices for the different student types.


  • Identify organisations and undertaking interviews with leaders (and other experts, e.g. academics, sector bodies) to identify examples of best and innovative practice around service delivery
  • Compile a report synthesizing the findings from the research
  • Describe options and/or recommendations for PIP to consider in terms of service models, approach to transition
  • Provide perspectives on next steps


The report shares synthesised feedback from 14 semi-structured interviews held with sector specialists and takes the key learning to inform potential development options that respond to PIP’s existing and future business challenges.

Recommendations presented to the board of trustees are being used to inform 2017-18 Business Plan.