27th June 2017

Social Value – Services For The Homelessness



Hafan Cymru (HC) is a Registered Social Landlord with charitable purposes, which operates across Wales providing housing and support services.

They offer provision focused on early intervention and crisis prevention that supports people with a diverse range of needs – often complex or

They support those at risk of homelessness or are otherwise vulnerable including the socially isolated, ex-offenders, care leavers, those who have experienced physical, sexual or psychological abuse, have mental health issues and substance misuse issues.

With a growing need to demonstrate ‘social value’, HC requested a social value calculation that would demonstrate the hidden value that their services created. 

Developing a framework for capturing clients interview data enabled us to measure the impact that HC services had on their clients use of public and other services at the start of their journey with HC and with those still being used after a 20 month period.

We were able to evidence that HC clients reduce their use of other (usually public) services by 74%.  Additionally for every £1 spent with Hafan Cymru there is a social value return of £4.63. This equated to £18m of value back to the welsh economy in 2017-18. 

Click here to read the complete social value report.

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The interviewed clients stories built a clear picture of how HC enabled significant and sustainable life changes, see example below: