21st April 2016

About us

Our expertise focuses on understanding the multifaceted needs of some of the most complex people in society. We are passionate about working with our clients to maximise the social impact they make delivering their services.


Maxine Moss-Black

Founder | Director

Maxine has over 20 years of commercial and public sector management and leadership experience. She has successfully lead multidisciplinary teams in the development, implementation and delivery of service solutions designed in response to Government directives and social policy reforms.

With a passion for improving the employment prospects of those people most disadvantaged in society, Maxine has developed a specialism in Service Design and has successfully developed and implemented a portfolio of both in-person and digital solutions.

Most recently, Maxine has led the digital transformation of a large Welfare to Work organisation succeeding in the creation of a market leading online employment service for disabled people and the embedding of digital thinking and skills into business as usual practices. Businesses are now leveraging digital as a new income stream and method of growing customer reach – this is specialist knowledge, experience and learning that Maxine can apply to your organisation.

Mark Burrett

Founder | Director

Mark has over 19 years’ experience working within both the UK Welfare to Work market, and internationally within the field of disability. Initially, directly supporting disabled adults into employment, led and developed new cost effective and fairer ways to do this, then building and managing large, field based teams to achieve this on a larger scale.

In the last 5 years, working collaboratively and securing £ 2 m to design new, innovative national disability bespoke programmes, to support disabled people into sustainable employment.

Mark has a unique key skill set and legacy of designing the first UK vocational dyslexia service that has now supported thousands of people with dyslexia in gaining and retaining employment.

Most recently Mark led on developing a large Welfare to Work Provider Digital Strategy and their digital inclusion service offering.  Then, representing disabled people in the UK helped to design the new Government Digital Service What Works Tool kit to aid greater levels of Digital inclusion.

Mark has a passion and is driven by making a real difference for disadvantaged people through innovation & disruption, developing the social model of disability. Mark’s vision is of every young disadvantaged person having a clear path to the needed tailored support at the right time through early vocational interventions and in years to come halving the need for Welfare to Work services.