Providing specialist consultancy to social impact organisations

what we do

We work with organisations whose aim is to positively impact society through the services they deliver to complex, marginalised and/ or vulnerable customer groups.
service design

Collaborating with our clients and their customers, we design accessible and inclusive customer centric services. We use design and systems thinking methods such as the double diamond and co-design to develop systemic solutions that balance the needs of people, business and technology. We are proud that our services have positively impacted the lives of tens of thousands of marginalised and vulnerable people.

Social value calculations

PwP have a proven methodology for calculating the social value of an organisations service(s). Through a mix of qualitative and quantitative research, we develop an evidence based social value calculation. Usually presented as a £ saving for every £1 spent with a clear report presenting the evidence, the calculation becomes a simple to use business development tool for our clients. Our approach is refreshingly simple and affordable.

research and insight

PwP develop unique research projects designed to provide compelling evidence-based insight into subject areas of specific interest to our clients. We will collate data from multiple sources and through workshops we will share the analysis and interpretations with the target audiences in order to create a collection of contextually accurate, localised and relatable insights and stories.

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Making an impact delivering projects with energy and conviction
Maxine  Moss-Black
Maxine Moss-Black
Founder | Director | Service Design
Maxine has over 20 years of commercial and public sector management and leadership experience. She has successfully lead multidisciplinary teams in the development, implementation and delivery of service solutions designed in response to Government directives and social policy reforms. With a passion for improving the employment prospects of those people most disadvantaged in society, Maxine has developed a specialism in Service Design and has successfully developed and implemented a portfolio of both in-person and digital solutions.
Mark Burrett
Mark Burrett
Founder | Director | Service Design
Mark has over 19 years’ experience working within both the UK Welfare to Work market, and internationally within the field of disability.  Mark has a unique key skill set and legacy of designing the first UK vocational dyslexia service that has now supported thousands of people with dyslexia in gaining and retaining employment. Most recently Mark led on developing a large Welfare to Work Provider Digital Strategy and their digital inclusion service offering.  Then, representing disabled people in the UK helped to design the new Government Digital Service What Works Tool kit to aid greater levels of Digital inclusion.
Andi Sharkey
Andi Sharkey
Associate | Data Scientist
Andi is a digital service evangelist, with over 14 years of experience within the Welfare to work sector. Andi has spent the last 3 years working with both quantitative and qualitative data, developing insight and driving change and understanding of digital services.
Darren Altus
Darren Altus
Associate | Systems Thinking
Darren provides Project, Programme and Change Management Services.  With a people-centred approach to delivering change, he has over 12 years experience leading Organisational and Business Systems Transformations and the design and implementation of new services.  Darren has spent the last 7 years working in the Welfare Sector where he headed the Programme Management Office of a national organisation.  Before working in Welfare, Darren worked in Recruitment, delivering efficiencies through innovative online managed services in the UK and Australia. Darren lead a team that implemented £1b of managed spend, delivering over £50m cash and measurable savings into Local Authorities.

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